Customer can access the solution in two models:
i. On Demand (SaaS): In this model, 3DBT manages a single instance and customers can use this system through a monthly subscription model
ii. On Premise: In this model, customers host the solution in their own servers/data centres/ Cloud instances. In this case customers pays for yearly licenses.

Following packages shall be available for the customer to procure
i. Silver – Up to 5 Companies & 10 Users
ii. Gold – Up to 10 Companies & 20 Users
iii.latinum – Up to 20 Companies & 50 Users
iv. On-Prem License – (User configuration to be defined)

1. On-Demand (SaaS) – Available on cloud and the customer need not have to invest on infrastructure and upkeeping maintenance cost.
a. All infra shall be built and maintained by 3DBT and the customer need to pay for monthly subscription in advance for a year
b. After checking the credit availability, the user shall be allowed to login to the portal using their login credentials
c. The services shall be available on cloud for the customer for utilizing the services whenever and wherever it is required.

2. On-Premise – Customer who is already having their own server infrastructure can buy the application package for one-time payment and own the license for designated number of period or as per the decision.